About Us!

Who We Are

Team-Uni is the only specialized unicycle shop based in Singapore and we’re run by people who actually ride these crazy machines!

Learning to unicycle is hard enough and choosing the right unicycle shouldn’t be part of that. We’ve been a part of the Singapore Unicyclists since a decade ago and we want to help build a better unicycling community in this part of the world. We’re a team of unicyclists who’ve learnt about our machines the hard way – through tweaking, riding and failing. We know how difficult it is to find a good unicycle out here in Singapore and Asia and we know it doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair! That’s why we want to spread our passion and knowledge so everyone can have the right unicycle to grow with!

That’s what Team-Uni is about. We want to make decent unicycles affordable for everyone.

That’s also we we’re operating only online and with trusted shops. We want to keep our operations lean and small enough to provide customer support for passionate unicyclists. We want to grow the local unicycling community, not make a quick buck selling a novelty toy.

Order Queries

Need some advice? Not sure about the order process? Have problems with your order?

Email us at orders[at]team-uni.com

Product/Unicycling Questions/Media Inquiries?

Email us too at onewheeler[at]team-uni.com

Feel free to ask us anything under the sun about unicycling! We want more of the world to be unicycling and we’d be happy to help!

Workshops? Lessons?

Coming soon…



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