What sort of unicycle should I choose?

We’ve been asked that a lot so here’s a handy chart to help you decide!

Choosing a Unicycle


 How Long Does it Take to Learn?

Now this really depends on each individual. If you’ve a background in BMX or artistic bicycling, you might be able to ride within minutes of trying. Yet if you can’t ride a bicycle to begin with, it’d take a while longer. The average person takes about a week of daily practice to unicycle.

Can’t I Learn on My Own?

Of course you can. A lot of unicyclists have picked up the skill on their own but chances are, you’ll learn faster in a group setting and be less likely to feel discouraged. Also, some of our courses go beyond basics like riding and turning but also get into more impressive tricks and games like hopping and hockey.

Isn’t Unicycling Dangerous?

We aren’t going to pretend that unicycling’s safer than reading a book but learning to unicycle can be safer than learning to ride a bike. Because there are no handlebars, there’s never a risk of getting trapped and you’re likely to land on your feet if you decide to fall off.

What Can I Do On a Unicycle?

For starters, anything that can be done on a bike. Cross country rides, trials, freestyle, flatland, downhill racing… think along those lines. But there’s more. Your hands are free so you can also play hockey or basketball on a unicycle. Feeling creative? Come up with your own games and maybe someday we’ll see it played on the international stage too!

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