Qu-Ax 29″ Cross Unicycle


Get a larger wheel for faster commutes and a smoother ride. The 29″ Qu-Ax Cross is great for street rides as well as for offroad rides. You’ll appreciate how smoothly the wide tire rolls over rocks and short curbs. Comes with brake mounts so you can affix hydraulic brakes for extra braking power!

Note: Not suitable for beginners to learn with

Specs –

  • 29″ x 2.25″ tire – Versatile for commutes and offroad rides
  • Flat crown fork – Because it’s pretty that way
  • ISIS 48H hub – More spokes makes for a less flimsy wheel. It’s ISIS so it’s strong too!
  • 145mm ISIS cranks – A comfortable length to free-mount when you’re starting to transit into distance riding.
  • Double wall aluminum rim – Double wall, double the strength!
  • Lightweight platform pedals – Every gram counts when you’re climbing those hills
  • Saddle with handle – New-designed handle that doesn’t stick out too much if you’re intending to upgrade to handlbars.
  • Aluminum seatpost – Lightweight!
  • Aluminum seat clamp

Qu-Ax 29″ Cross Unicycle


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